Walk In Mobility Showers
  Walk-in, Easy Access, Level Access Showers and Wetrooms

A specially designed walk-in shower with easy or level access is a modern but  practical solution to bathing difficulties.  This is an ideal solution for anyone who needs easy access or wheelchair friendly solutions.  A walk-in shower, easy access shower, level access shower or wetroom is now the preferred solution for many of our customers.

Our vast range of showers feature no-door, easy access and some are specially designed for wheelchair access. 

We can supply or fit all showers with a choice of waterproof shower panels or tiles to compliment your bathroom needs. The water is thermostatically controlled for a non-scald supply.
Most of our showers offer the option of a comfortable and stylish seat which can be used to shower whilst seated or fold away when not being used.

We offer a range of tray heights to suit all mobility needs.

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